What is PsyFlex 6

PsyFlex 6 uses the latest evidence-based approach in the behavioural sciences and neuroscience to teach you ‘psychological flexibility’ skills. These skills help you build resilience, reduce stress, increase life satisfaction, enhance relationships and improve performance. 

PsyFlex training modules are specifically tailored to cater for psychosocial challenges of different workplaces, that is why we have additional modules for:

  • Emergency services,
  • Health organisations,
  • Education, 
  • Shift workers,
  • Emerging leaders 
  • Other (please contact us to find out more about our training modules).

This online training is delivered in six engaging and easy to understand 1-hour modules. Once you start the course, you will be able to access it at your leisure via any smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access. You have 12 weeks to complete the course.

PsyFlex was developed by Dr Russ Harris, internationally renowned specialist in the field of psychotherapy and author of the bestselling self-help book The Happiness Trap, and Dr Natasha Kiso, an occupational health physician. 

This training is aligned with ‘ACT Companion’ – The Happiness Trap App, so you can continue practicing the skills you learn after you complete this training.  

Contact us on support@psyflex.com.au to learn more or start the program.

All the best

The PsyFlex team

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Last modified: Monday, 16 April 2018, 3:13 PM